Friday, 8 September 2017
17.00-19.30 Boarding/Check in/Dinner
19.30 Welcome speech

Calcutta auction Championship

20.00 1st round Championship
20.00 1st round Talent
22.00 2nd round Championship
22.00 2nd round Talent
22.00 The Captain's Trophy starts
Saturday, 9 September 2017
11.00 3rd round Championship
11.00 3rd round Talent
13.00 Speedgammom starts
15.00 Quarter-final Championship
15.00 Quarter-final Talent
15.00 1st round Super Jackpot
15.00 1st round Doubles
17.00 Quarter-final Super Jackpot
17.00 Quarter-final Doubles
18.00-21.00 Dinner break
21.00 Semi-final Championship
21.00 Semi-final Talent
21.00 Semi-final Super Jackpot
21.00 Semi-final Doubles
Sunday, 10 September 2017
10.00 Final Championship
10.00 Final Talent
10.00 Final Super Jackpot
10.00 Final Doubles
10.00 Quarter-final The Captain's Trophy
15.00 Award ceremony
16.00 Disembark



  • All times are provisional. All players are required to keep themselves informed about changes in the program. Failure to do so may result in an adverse ruling.
  • Program is based on 64 players.
  • Tournament play takes precedence over any other form of play.
  • The Swedish backgammon Federation reserves the right to make changes in the program.

Saturday buffet

On the second day of our Cruise, at 18:00, we will have a buffet together.

The buffet is included in your registration fee, both flights.

If you are NOT in the main event, perhaps travelling with a partner who's playing, then let us know and we will sort out pre-booking of the buffet for you as well.

The buffet contains meat, fish, cheese and deserts as well as wine, beer, soda, coffee and tea.