Main Event

Single Elimination

Champion - matches to 13p.  

Talent - matches to 11p.  


Part of your admission fee goes to one spot in the side event "The Captain's Trophy" Depending on how far you advance in the main event, you end up further ahead in "The Captain's Trophy".  

The Captain's Trophy

Matches to 7p.

Due to the limited time on board we have opted for single elimination in the main rounds. Instead your fee includes one spot in this side event.  

This tournament consists of 8 brackets, leading to 8 quarter finalists.

If you lose in the first or second round of main you end up in a 32 player bracket of The Captain's Trophy If you lose in the 3rd round, you go to a bracket of 16 players. Lose in the 4th round and you go to a bracket of 8. The last 3 brackets will be 32 player brackets for re-buy at 20 EUR, if you lost again, until all the spots are sold.  

» SBGF Tournament Rules - English(pdf)




450 EUR 450 EUR (4500 SEK) including 75 EUR (750 SEK) registration fee including one spot in The Captain's Trophy.

200 EUR (2000 SEK) optional sidepool.


150 EUR (1500 SEK) including 45 EUR (450 SEK) registration fee including one spot in The Captain's Trophy.

50 EUR (50 EUR (500 SEK) optional sidepool.

The Captain's Trophy

Re-Buy 20 EUR (200 SEK) One spot included in Main tournament.
Clock Options
Clock Preference in Champion.
Clock Option in Talent and The Captain's Trophy,
(both players have to agree).
2 minutes/point, 12 seconds delay.
  • Tournament direction may apply a Clock to a match at any point.
  • Swedish players have to be a member of the Swedish Backgammon Federation.
  • Cash in SEK and EUR is the only accepted form of payment.
  • Entry fees in euro are approximate and subject to change.
  • Bring your own board and clock.