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  1. Choose your preference in cabins (below)

    OBSERVE! If you book a cabin, you may stay there by yourself, at the prices specified below, and if two people are sharing, just make sure everyone is registered with the cruise company. If you initially plan to stay alone and later decide to take in a friend in your cabin, call again and add the person to the reservation. No extra cost. Price is fixed per cabin.

  2. Choose if you want prepaid meals(below)

  3. Want to save money

    Become a member, for non-Swedes, they will help you with this when you call in your reservation.

  4. Call or email to book your cruise

    Phone: +46 8 702 72 00 or booking code "GRUSOP".

    Cabin and food must be pre-paid to Birka and any cancellations must be done minumum 30 Days before the cruise.

    Make sure to have your membership number if you decided to get one.

  5. Let us know you're comming

    Which flight do you wish to attend?
    What's your membership number, if any?
    What's your reservation number for the cabin?


StandardPrices per cabin/2 nights
Cabin Economy (2/4 bed)40 EUR/400 SEK
Seaview Economy 4 bed)55 EUR/550 SEK
Cabin Standard (2/4 bed)75 EUR/750 SEK
Seaview Standard (4 bed)140 EUR/1400 SEK
Cabin Design (2 bed)150 EUR/1500 SEK
Seaview Comfort (2/4 bed)160 EUR/1600 SEK
Seaview Premium (2 bed)260 EUR/2600 SEK
Seafront Luxury (3 bed)570 EUR/5700 SEK (incl. breakfast)
Seafront Suite (2 bed)1020 EUR/10200 SEK (incl. breakfast)
Seafront Duplex Suite (2 bed)1520 EUR/15200 SEK (incl. breakfast)
Food Options
Pre-order foodPrice
Cruise menu33 EUR/325 SEK
Buffet33 EUR/325 SEK
Breakfast10 EUR/99 SEK

Don't book anything for saturday evening. A buffet is included in your    
registration fee.

Saturday buffet

On the second day of our Cruise, at 18:00, we will have a buffet together.

The buffet is included in your registration fee, both flights.

If you are NOT in the main event, perhaps travelling with a partner who's playing, then let us know and we will sort out pre-booking of the buffet for you as well.

The buffet contains meat, fish, cheese and deserts as well as wine, beer, soda, coffee and tea.